Tethys Energy In-roof Solar PV install

In-roof Solar PV with Tesla Powerwall Battery Storage

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Solar PV in roof install Wokingham - Tethys Energy
Completed In-roof solar panel install
IMG 1639 - Tethys Energy
GSE mounting system ready for panels to go on

A bit about this In-roof Solar PV install

This install has a roof-integrated solar system which is a combination of 18 LG black neon mono solar panels with a Solar Edge 6kW single phase inverter that works with the Tesla Gateway and Tesla Powerwall to store the energy generated by the panels. The panels were mounted on the roof using the GSE in roof mounting system.

This mounting system is secured onto the roof after the tiles have been removed so that it is flush with the remaining tiles. Adding battery storage to this type of set up allows the energy to be retained for the hours in the day when the sun is not providing power.

Solar Edge Chart environmental benfits In roof with powerwall WK 2021 - Tethys Energy

This install was completed in July 2021 and so far the panels have produced 8.72 MWh power for this home. According to the Solar Edge app (which is the inverter fitted on this install), 2,228.55 kg in CO2 emissions has been saved in the last 15 months which is equivalent to 102.01 trees being planted.

Solar Edge Chart In roof with powerwall WK 2021 - Tethys Energy
Power generated in 2021 and 2022 in kWp
IMG 1650 - Tethys Energy
In-roof solar panels in place

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