Tethys Energy provides customer focused high quality installation services for PV solar panel and battery storage systems. We can install solar panel systems across a variety of buildings and roof types for both commercial and domestic properties.

We’re experienced in installing, servicing and maintaining solar panel systems. Whether you’re looking to install a system to become more environmentally friendly or you’re looking to cut back on your energy bill, our skilled engineers will ensure you have a system that is both cost beneficial and energy efficient.

Solar panel electricity systems capture the sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells. These cells don’t need direct sun to work and they can even collect the suns energy on cloudy days. The energy that the cells collect is then used to power your home or business.

Having a battery installed to work alongside your solar panel system means the energy collected throughout the day can be stored ready for when it’s required at night. This can significantly reduce your electricity bill.

Why Invest in a PV Solar Panel System?

  • Lower your energy bill
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Sell excess electricity to the national grid
  • Low maintenance, trouble free operation

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What our customers are saying

"Jason at Tethys Energy provided me with a quote and was very patient in discussing the figures with me as I was not an expert on the subject. He left us to make our decision in our own time. The work was carried out in a very professional manner. The panels are working and we are very happy. Tethys Energy provided an insurance policy to protect my deposit and warranties. I have no doubts in recommending them." - Customer in Wokingham Mar 2019

"Professional, reliable, punctual and personal, Jason Fuller at Tethys Energy really knows his stuff. You can go through sales reps reading from scripts at call centres or else you can call Jason and talk directly to the guy who understands the technology and the admin and who actually does the work, and at a very competitive price too." - Customer in Wiltshire Mar 2019

"The entire process was a very good experience. The quotes were very detailed with clear optional areas. The installation was over 2 days and went very smoothly, with the system up and running with no problems. Highly recommended." - Customer in Hampshire Mar 2019



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