Solar Battery Storage

Store your solar energy efficiently and reduce your energy bills even further

The Need for Cleaner, Renewable Energy Sources

Sustainability: It’s something many of us are focusing on more and more as time goes on. It’s strikingly obvious these days that we need to everything we can use to shift our usage of fossil fuels to other energy options that are renewable.

At Tethys Energy, we’re at the forefront of this movement, leading the charge with some of the latest solar energy technologies available. One of the latest and most useful renewable energy options today is a solar storage battery, which we offer to our customers to maximise the savings on your energy bill and reduce your reliance on unsustainable energy sources.

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What Is a Solar Storage Battery and How Does It Work?

A solar storage battery is a battery that works in conjunction with your PV solar panel system. The energy that your system captures is stored within the battery, enabling your home to run on this power long after the sun has gone down. Solar panel batteries help to reduce your need for standard electricity to power your home, reducing your energy bills.

Throughout the day, your solar energy system will collect energy from the sun and use that powerful, clean energy to run the appliances in your home. On many days, your home will have more than enough power for everything to run, especially because energy use during the day is typically lower than in the evening. There is often a surplus of energy, which can then be stored in a battery and utilised in the evening, long after the sun has gone down.

Storage batteries for solar power thus enable you to cut down considerably on the amount of energy that you are in need of, and on some days, can eliminate your need for additional electricity from your electricity company.

Solar Battery Storage System Installed In A Basement
Solar Batteries Can Significantly Reduce Your Energy Bills.
All Battery Installations Come With A 100% No-Quibble Guarantee Of Workmanship.

Benefits Of Solar Battery Storage Systems

Combining a solar battery storage system with your solar panel installation can provide even further benefits...including:

Reduce your energy bills by up to 80% dependent on the size of the solar battery installation.
Allows you to store and use solar power as and when you need, reducing your reliance on the grid even further.
A quiet solution that doesn't use generators or loud machinery with all the benefits of an instant energy supply.

When combined with a solar heated water system, it can help to reduce your bills even further and add value to your property too.

The relative cost to savings ratio is low and you see a return on your investment significantly faster than just using solar panels alone.

Requires very little maintenance or repairs and are a good solar battery storage system is built to last.

A Solar Battery Storage Installation For A Homeowner In Reading - Berkshire

Why Choose Us for Your Solar Battery Installation?

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Solar Battery Storage Helps You Reduce Your Energy Bills By Up To 80%.

Solar Battery Installations

If you’re interested in reducing your reliance on traditional energy sources and want to focus more on renewable, sustainable energy, you’ll need a professional company to install your PV solar panels and solar storage battery.

Tethys Energy offers affordable, high-quality installations of solar energy systems and EV charge points, enabling you to start using clean, green energy and reducing your monthly electricity bill. The cost to install solar batteries often worries people, but in most cases, your solar energy system will pay for itself within a relatively short period of time.

It not only reduces the energy you are using on a regular basis, but it also adds value to your home. You get the satisfaction of doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint, while also seeing the savings on a regular basis.

Solar Energy Production And Battery Storage Chart For A Recent Project In Berkshire
This graph shows a typical profile of the generation of a domestic PV system and the properties electricity usage over the course of a day. The data collected is from one of Tethys Energy installed systems.
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Solar Battery Installation Costs

The cost of your solar battery storage system will vary dependent on your energy requirements, property type and the type of solar panel installation you have.

Not all solar batteries are created equally. We will advise you on the best setup for your specific circumstances.

The cost of the installation, the type of system and how it is used will play a part in how quickly you see an additional saving on your energy bills.

We will provide you with a free consultation and quote to ensure you have the facts before you make a decision.


Your Guarantee

With Tethys Energy, there are absolutely no hidden fee's. What's quoted, is what it will cost. All our work comes with a 100% no quibble guarantee of workmanship, backed by NAPIT, RECC & MCS for your peace of mind.

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We pride ourselves on our excellent service and believe in always going the extra mile to make sure you get great value for money and the highest standards of workmanship. Read what some of our other happy customer's have to say about Tethys Energy on Which? Trusted Traders here.

Excellent work...

"On time, on budget, professionally done and set up, including replacement of an inverter which was broken on arrival. Top of the line equipment used throughout."
BJ Thompson

Prompt and efficient...

"Jason did a great job of getting my PV array back working. I have recently taken over the array from another family member, so did not understand anything about it except that it wasn't working. Jason came, quickly figured out what the fault was, and fixed it with no fuss or bother."

Crispin Keable

Fantastic Service...

"Jason responded to my request for a second opinion promptly. I was "cold called" by a company offering a free check on my 6 year old solar energy system. They then tried to tell me the system was working at 72% capacity, that they would replace my inverter and install optimisers for £5,500 but special offer if i signed a contract there and then for £4,500. Needless to say I declined. I contacted Which? Trusted Traders for advice and was given Jason's name. He checked my system, found no problems and told me if anything it was performing better than expected."

Diana Benton

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