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Why Solar Panel Maintenance Is Necessary

Once you’ve had your solar energy system installed, you want to protect your investment and keep your system running in top shape for years and years to come. Generally, solar panel maintenance is low, but there are a few key areas of maintenance you’ll need to consult the pros for.

You also want to work with a reputable company, like Tethys Energy, to check-up on the components of your system and solar batteries at regular intervals to evaluate whether the integrity of these various aspects are still working as well as they could be.

Ensuring that there is no damage to any of the parts of your system, as well as keeping the system as clean as possible, keeps your solar panel system working for as long as possible and pays off in the long run.

Solar Engineer Cleaning Panels On A Roof With Special Water-Fed Brush
Solar engineer at Tethys Energy
cleaning solar panels with specialist equipment.
Ensuring the longevity of solar panel system with expert maintenance & repairs.

Maintenance Scenarios To Consider

At Tethys Energy, we install your solar panel systems to last for the longterm and believe that if installed correctly by a registered installer, there shouldn't be any significant need for ongoing maintenance.

However, there are certain circumstances where the location, conditions or environment means that solar panel maintenance is recommended in order to ensure your panels work as effectively as possible.

Is your property located in a wooded area with wildlife or trees nearby?
Is you property near busy roads with heavy traffic, vibrations or pollution?
Is your property near industrial areas where there is a higher chance of wear and tear?
Are you doing extensive development work on your property which might impact your roof and structures?
Were your solar panels installed a long time ago or had issues in the past?
Has your property been subject to extreme weather conditions where damage to the property is significant?
If any of these scenarios relate to you and your property, feel free to get in touch with us today for some free and impartial advice on whether your panels will require maintenance and the best course of action for your circumstances.
Before And After Images Of Solar Panel Cleaning

Types of Solar Panel Maintenance

Expert solar panel maintenance and repairs from skilled, certified and fully insured engineers. Here are just some of the solar maintenance and repairs we cover.
Pest preventative measures.
Cleaning debris & dirt.
Adjusting panels, fittings & positioning.
Power connections & performance.
Optimise system performance.
Repair environmental damage.
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Maintenance of Solar Panels

Our expert team is well-versed and highly skilled in keeping your solar panel system is running smoothly. One of the top solar panel services is cleaning your system. At Tethys Energy, we use a water fed pole to clear debris, moss, dust, animal droppings, and other obstructions from your panels.

We can generally do this from the ground without the use of scaffolding, and this is a fairly quick and easy job that will help to maintain the life of your system, as well as ensure that it’s working as efficiently as possible. A clean solar PV panel system is a healthy solar PV panel system.

An Engineer Cleaning A Solar Panel With A Water-Fed Pole & Brush To Clear Away Debris

Manually Cleaning Solar Panels
For Best Results.

Having Issues With Pests?

If you are having issues with pest control that is affecting your solar panel installation then you need to speak with a registered pest control provider and in some cases your local council. Your local council requires specific licenses for pest control and you should always check these credentials before approving any pest control work.

Although Tethys Energy cannot remove pests, nests or rodents from your property, we can provide preventative measures once they have been dealt with.

These preventative measures such as:

  • Barriers
  • Meshes
  • Pigeon spikes
  • Bird proofing

Are designed to be humane. They simply discourage pests from taking up home in or around your solar panel system without hurting them.

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understanding the Solar Energy Opportunities For Your Home

If your home has been using a solar PV array for its power needs for a long period of time now, you may be wondering if it is running as efficiently as it could be? Is there new technology or upgrades that could be beneficial to my installation?

As solar energy systems age, they may not work at their optimum levels anymore, so getting a solar power audit completed on your property can provide clear reporting on the efficiency of your system.

A good solar power audit can often help you save money. You may have been considering purchasing a new system, when in fact there is new technology at a fraction of the price that could be used to enhance your existing system further.

Are You Aware Of Upgrades & New Solar Technologies?

If your solar PV array was installed several years ago, you may not be aware of the new technologies that have become available during that time, such as new Solar Battery Storage solutions, PV Hot Water systems and new advances in EV charge points that come with monitoring via apps and web-pages too.

What Is Included In A Solar Power Audit?

Our comprehensive solar power audits include a detailed report that covers these key areas:

Conduct a thorough test of all your solar energy systems components.
Comparison of the generator’s output to the original proposal with a clear indicator of the performance level.
Test and ensure all PV wiring and components have been installed to BS7671 Regulations and MCS Standards.
Identify any problems with battery storage or PV hot water systems.
Check that your monitoring is accurate and calibrated correctly.
A detailed report that includes all test results, checklist, findings and recommendations.
Taking Care Of All your Solar Maintenance And Audit Needs Across Berkshire & Surrounding Coutnies

Solar Panel Maintenance Cost

Routine maintenance of your solar panel system is affordable and helps to maintain the longevity of your system. As the type of property, condition of the panels and the type of system can vary from house to house, it is best to get a free and competitive quote based on your specific requirements.

Not all solar panel maintenance companies are created equal.

When you work with us for maintenance of solar panels and/or service of any of the parts, you’re making the choice to keep your solar panel system working as efficiently and effectively as possible for years to come.


Your Guarantee

With Tethys Energy, there absolutely no hidden fee's, what's quoted, is what it will cost. All our work comes with a 100% no quibble guarantee of workmanship, backed by NAPIT, RECC & MCS for your peace of mind.

Trusted solar panel maintenance and repairs in Reading & Berkshire.

What our happy customers say

We pride ourselves on our excellent service and believe in always going the extra mile to make sure you get great value for money and the highest standards of workmanship. Read what some of our other happy customer's have to say about Tethys Energy on Which? Trusted Traders here.

Excellent work...

"On time, on budget, professionally done and set up, including replacement of an inverter which was broken on arrival. Top of the line equipment used throughout."
BJ Thompson

Prompt and efficient...

"Jason did a great job of getting my PV array back working. I have recently taken over the array from another family member, so did not understand anything about it except that it wasn't working. Jason came, quickly figured out what the fault was, and fixed it with no fuss or bother."

Crispin Keable

Fantastic Service...

"Jason responded to my request for a second opinion promptly. I was "cold called" by a company offering a free check on my 6 year old solar energy system. They then tried to tell me the system was working at 72% capacity, that they would replace my inverter and install optimisers for £5,500 but special offer if i signed a contract there and then for £4,500. Needless to say I declined. I contacted Which? Trusted Traders for advice and was given Jason's name. He checked my system, found no problems and told me if anything it was performing better than expected."

Diana Benton

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