With solar batteries now at 0% VAT – Will you invest in energy storage?

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Since 1st February 2024, the VAT on solar batteries was reduced to 0%. This measure was introduced following the previous rate of 5% VAT. The zero rated VAT on solar batteries will be available until 2027 at which point it will then revert to the 5% rate of VAT.

Savings with Solar Batteries

This government measure has brought a surge in interest to the solar market with homeowners looking to make savings on increasing energy costs.

Solar Batteries at 0% VAT
Pic 2 AIO left render - Tethys Energy

Two of the popular choices we have seen a lot of recently have been the Tesla Powerwall 2 and the GivEnergy All In one. Both have13.5kWh of storage capacity, both have ‘whole home’ back up capability.

The GivEnergy All In One arrived to the UK market in 2023 as a 13.5kWh alternative to the Tesla Powerwall which was has been available in the UK since 2016. GivEnergy are not strangers to the solar storage market though, with the launch of their first hybrid inverter in 2017 and their first two batteries in 2018.

Both the Tesla Powerwall 2 and the GivEnergy All in One are ac coupled systems and which makes them ideal for adding to an existing solar PV system. You can also install a battery without having any solar PV. This is ideal if your priority is backing up the power supply of your property in the event of a power cut. Both the GivEnergy All in One and the Tesla Powerwall can provide power to the whole home if there is a loss of grid connection.

If you are thinking about adding battery storage to your property, get in touch to discuss your options.

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