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MCS Certified - Microgeneration Certification Scheme
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What Are PV Hot Water Systems?

Solar hot water systems use solar energy to produce hot water, offering a natural, clean and green way to supply heated water to your home. If you already have a solar panel installation, or if you are planning on installing one, it is definitely worth seeing if hot water storage systems like this are the right solution for your needs.

If you’re interested in reducing your reliance on traditional forms of energy, not just for powering your home and electric vehicles, but also for your hot water too, considering a solar heated water system is a great way to reduce your energy costs even further.

Solar Heated Water Is More Affordable & Environmentally Friendly Too.

Automatic Water Heating Devices

For homeowners who have an immersion cylinder with a heater element, you’re currently getting hot water from fossil fuel generated electricity.

This type of energy is not only unsustainable and damaging to the environment, but it is also a lot more expensive monthly.

If you have PV solar panels installed, then automatic heating devices like the Solar iBoost+ can utilise excess energy produced from your solar panels to heat water for your home too.

Solar iBoost Automatic Water Heating Device
The Solar iBoost -
Automatic Water Heating Device.

How It Works

Exported electricity is detected via a clamp installed near the main meter. A wireless signal is then tells the immersion controller to turn on, thereby diverting the electricity into the immersion heater.
This occurs when excess energy is available for use. Typically, this is during the summer months, but can be any time of the year.
Throughout the day, the water for your home is heated using the excess energy created by your PV solar panel system.
As your solar PV system can heat your water, it can take the strain off your boiler, helping to prolong its life-span and reduce your gas and oil bills further.

Solar iBoost+ Features

Solar Iboost+ fits quickly and neatly next to your water cylinder wired simply between a fused spur and the immersion. No need to change your standard immersion heater up to 3kW.
It responds rapidly to the varying home consumption and changing weather ensuring that only excess power is used.
Solar Iboost+ features connections for 2 immersions, switching between them automatically to maximise electric water heating systems.
Wireless Sender eliminates unsightly and costly wiring.
Solar iBoost+ displays real time information “Heating by Solar 1.6kW” and historical energy saving figures are seen at the push of a button.
LED’s also give an instant visual indication of the system in operation.
Simple programmable timer enables Solar iBoost+ to work in harmony with your existing water heating system on a 5/2 day basis. Even separate winter and summer settings can be programmed and switched between at the push of a button.
Built-in Boost override switch keeps you in control so you can top up your hot water in 15 minute increments up to 2 hours.
CE compliance to all product and safety standards conducted by independent test laboratiories.
2 year warranty. Dimensions 288x255x100mm 1.95kg.
Solar Heated Water Tank Installation With Solar Iboost Battery Storage Combination

Benefits of PV Hot Water Storage Systems

Solar hot water storage systems have a number of benefits for homeowners. These include:
Less reliance on environmentally damaging fossil fuels to heat water.
Renewable method of energy generation that is clean and less damaging to the environment.
Solar energy is a less expensive form of energy than traditional electricity, thus costing you less on your monthly energy bill.
The price of solar energy has come down significantly in recent years and is a wise investment for savvy homeowners.
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How Much Does A Solar Heated Water System Cost?

The cost of your solar heated hot water system can vary depending on the type of solar energy system, property type, battery, budget and hot water requirements.

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