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What is Self Consumption?

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What is Self Consumption? Self Consumption is using the solar electricity that has been generated within your property. If you have solar panels, you can either use the solar electricity that they are generating as it is generated (so it goes straight to your appliances), or store the solar power generated in your solar battery and use this as and …

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Can I fit solar PV on a flat roof with skylights?

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Many of our customers would like to put solar PV on their flat roof extensions. Most come with large skylights or can be awkward in shape. When designing a flat roof PV system, what do you need to make it work well? You can install solar panels around the skylights or any “roof furniture” such as vents, chimneys or aerials, …

5 Stars on Which Trusted Trader

Tethys Energy – 5 star on Which? Trusted Trader

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What are customers say on Which? Trusted Trader Choosing Tethys Energy for your PV and Battery Install makes sense if you use Which? to find a trader that’s reliable, good value and comes highly recommended. We are a Trusted Trader on Which. In fact, 53 of our customers have left reviews to share their experience of our PV, Battery and …

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Adding a battery to existing battery storage

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Some customers live with their battery system for a year or two, then, using the monitoring provided come to the conclusion that it would make sense to increase their existing storage capacity by adding a battery. Depending on the brand of the battery, adding capacity can either be very straightforward or very difficult, including requiring permission from the DNO to …

10 REC Panel PV Modules with 9.5kWh battery storage

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We installed a 4.05kWp PV system which consists of 10 x REC black Twin Peak monocrystalline 405W solar modules with Solar Edge inverter. The battery system is made up of a GivEnergy Charge controller with GivEnergy 9.5kWh battery. REC are a Norwegian company which make high quality solar PV modules. They have manufacturing plants in Norway and Singapore. The Norwegian …

Self Consumption

45 Panel Solar PV with 20kWh Battery Storage Install

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This large domestic property near Henley had multiple options for placement of the solar PV panels. Solar PV panels could be installed on south, east and west facing roofs allowing for a larger PV array.

Tethys Energy In-roof Solar PV install

In-roof Solar PV with Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery Storage

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A bit about this In-roof Solar PV install This install has a roof-integrated solar system which is a combination of 18 LG black neon mono solar panels with a Solar Edge 6kW single phase inverter that works with the Tesla Gateway and Tesla Powerwall to store the energy generated by the panels. The panels were mounted on the roof using …