Powerwall 3 available in UK

Powerwall 3 – What should we expect from Tesla’s home battery storage?

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Why are UK customers (and installers), lining up to buy the Powerwall 3, which became available on the British market from 19th June of this year. This is an easy one……it does almost everything! With solar inverter integration, varied charge options, smaller and flood proof casing and whole home back up – it is ticking a lot of boxes. Lets …

Tethys Energy In-roof Solar PV install

In-roof Solar PV with Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery Storage

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A bit about this In-roof Solar PV install This install has a roof-integrated solar system which is a combination of 18 LG black neon mono solar panels with a Solar Edge 6kW single phase inverter that works with the Tesla Gateway and Tesla Powerwall to store the energy generated by the panels. The panels were mounted on the roof using …