Zappi - Tethys Energy

EV Charge point

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We installed a Zappi 7kW smart charger which allows the client to both charge his vehicle from the grid and direct from his solar PV array. When the PV array is generating more electricity than is being used by the house, the excess power is delivered into the car battery.

GSE in roof - Tethys Energy

In roof system Caversham

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A customer in Caversham wanted an in roof solar PV system as part of the renovation works at their property. Tethys Energy provided the GSE in roof mounting system which sits the solar panels flush to the roof creating a better aesthetic than an on roof system.

Mesh 1 - Tethys Energy

Anti Bird Mesh

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A customer in Fleet was having an issue with pigeons accessing beneath their PV array. Tethys Energy installed a steel wire mesh around the perimeter of the array to prevent any further issues. Within a few days the pigeons had moved on.