10 REC Panel PV Modules with 9.5kWh battery storage

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We installed a 4.05kWp PV system which consists of 10 x REC black Twin Peak monocrystalline 405W solar modules with Solar Edge inverter. The battery system is made up of a GivEnergy Charge controller with GivEnergy 9.5kWh battery. REC are a Norwegian company which make high quality solar PV modules. They have manufacturing plants in Norway and Singapore. The Norwegian …

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45 Panel Solar PV with 20kWh Battery Storage Install

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This large domestic property near Henley had multiple options for placement of the solar PV panels. Solar PV panels could be installed on south, east and west facing roofs allowing for a larger PV array.

Tethys Energy In-roof Solar PV install

In-roof Solar PV with Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery Storage

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A bit about this In-roof Solar PV install This install has a roof-integrated solar system which is a combination of 18 LG black neon mono solar panels with a Solar Edge 6kW single phase inverter that works with the Tesla Gateway and Tesla Powerwall to store the energy generated by the panels. The panels were mounted on the roof using …

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station – Reading

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We installed a 7Kw Myenergi Zappi electric vehicle (EV) charging station in a property in Reading for use with charging a Tesla car harnessing power directly from the grid. This operates as a standard EV charger in this install, but the Zappi has optional charging modes to utilise 100% green energy generated from Solar PV (or wind generation). This increases …

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Solar PV & battery install in Maidenhead

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We installed a solar PV system with SolaX 4.5kWh battery storage system as part of a larger renovation project being carried out on the client’s property. The photovoltaic panels installed were 8 x JA Solar 380W panels giving the client 3.04kWp of power.

Wokingham Kilding in roof - Tethys Energy

PV & Tesla Powerwall 2 install Wokingham

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A Tesla Powerwall 2 battery was installed along with a 6.48kWp PV in roof array on a domestic property in Wokingham. The system provides detailed monitoring allowing the client to understand exactly how and when they use, export and generate electricity right down to the individual output of each of the 18 solar panels that were installed. The in roof …

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GivEnergy hybrid battery system

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We installed a GivEnergy hybrid inverter where the inverter for the PV system and charge controller for the 8.2kWh battery are combined in one device. Hybrid inverters help reduce costs where battery systems are fitted alongside the PV installation and save on space & wiring.

LG black Neon 2 solar panels - Tethys Energy

LG all black solar PV panels on slate roof

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We installed LG’s Neon 2 solar PV panels on the slate roof of a 130 year old property in Oxford. With all properties we undertake a structural survey to ensure the roof structure is robust enough to take the additional wind and snow loadings caused by the solar panels.