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MCS Certified - Microgeneration Certification Scheme
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EV Charger Installations at Home

If you’re considering buying an electric vehicle (EV) or already have one, then installing an electric vehicle charger in your home won't just help you charge your vehicle, it can also reduce your carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels too.

If you already have solar panels fitted at home, the installation of your EV charger will allow you to use more of your generated solar energy on site, thereby increasing your self-consumption and reducing the requirement for grid supplied electricity to charge the car.

So, if you’re looking for a way to reduce your carbon emissions while also cutting the cost of powering your vehicle, the good news is that you can get a fast and reliable EV charging point that compliments your solar PV system perfectly.

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EV Charging Installation - What You Need To Know

Before we install a charging unit for your electric car, there are a number of things you need to know. Here are the key points:

What will be installed?

Your EV charger will be housed in a unit connected to your home’s electricity supply. These units are compact, weatherproof and can be fixed internally in the garage or externally. Your home charging unit will come in one of two forms.

There’s a universal socket unit that allows you to use your electric car’s charging cable, or a tethered unit that comes with a permanently attached cable that plugs straight into the car.

Once your home charger has been installed, all you have to do is plug your electric car into the unit to charge it. It makes charging at home incredibly easy.

Who will install it?

An electric car charging point needs to be professionally installed. Without a professional installation there is a hazard to health. At Tethys Energy, we can install your charging point for you. All our installers are highly qualified, vetted, and accredited electricians with expert knowledge and experience. They really do deliver a first-class service and top-notch customer care.

How much time will the installation take?

Before we install an EV charger at your home, we carry out a home survey. This shows us the complexity of the home charging installation and gives us an opportunity to discuss your requirements. The time it takes to install your home charger will depend on the home survey results, but installation usually takes no more than one day.

How much will the EV charger installation cost?

It’s hard to put a cost on something that is bespoke to your needs. Factoring in everything and ensuring you get 1 cost with no hidden extras for your new EV charger installation is what we do best.  The amount your EV charger costs to install will depend on the results of your home survey and your chosen product. If you would like to get a cost and discuss your needs with a professional and friendly team why not call us today on 01183 341 374.
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Why Choose Us?

When you work with Tethys Energy, you'll be working with an installer you can trust. We're based in Reading, UK and some of our many proven benefits include:
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EV Charger Home Installation Process

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service and back that up with a no-quibble guarantee of workmanship. You can find out more about our installation process here.

1. Before Installation

We conduct a home survey. This allows us to assess your home’s electrical system and ensure it’s up to standard. It also helps us create a customised quote for the installation. At this point, we will also decide where your charger should be placed. This will be determined by your power supply and where you park your car.

2. On The Day

We will position and fix the charger and run a cable back to the consumer unit. Then, we will briefly turn off the power supply in order to connect it to the mains supply. Following this, we’ll do the required safety checks, commission the system and set up the remote monitoring.
3. On CompletionBefore we leave, we will provide you with a full demonstration of how you can use your EV charger and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.
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Tethys Energy's Electric Vehicle Charging Installation Warranty

All EV charge points come with a two-year workmanship warranty, which can be extended for up to 10 years. In addition, most of our EV charge points also come with a three-year manufacturer warranty.

All our work comes with a 100% no-quibble guarantee of workmanship.


Your Guarantee

With Tethys Energy, there is absolutely no hidden fee's, what's quoted, is what it will cost. All our work comes with a 100% no quibble guarantee of workmanship.

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What our happy customers say

We pride ourselves on our excellent service and believe in always going the extra mile to make sure you get great value for money and the highest standards of workmanship. Read what some of our other happy customer's have to say about Tethys Energy on Which? Trusted Traders here.

Excellent work...

"On time, on budget, professionally done and set up, including replacement of an inverter which was broken on arrival. Top of the line equipment used throughout."
BJ Thompson

Prompt and efficient...

"Jason did a great job of getting my PV array back working. I have recently taken over the array from another family member, so did not understand anything about it except that it wasn't working. Jason came, quickly figured out what the fault was, and fixed it with no fuss or bother."

Crispin Keable

Fantastic Service...

"Jason responded to my request for a second opinion promptly. I was "cold called" by a company offering a free check on my 6 year old solar energy system. They then tried to tell me the system was working at 72% capacity, that they would replace my inverter and install optimisers for £5,500 but special offer if i signed a contract there and then for £4,500. Needless to say I declined. I contacted Which? Trusted Traders for advice and was given Jason's name. He checked my system, found no problems and told me if anything it was performing better than expected."

Diana Benton

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