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Solar PV panels on a slate roof

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Installing solar PV panels on slate roofs can be tricky. Slate is quite different from other roof coverings such as clay or concrete tiles. Slates are by their nature very thin and quite brittle. They are ‘double lapped’ meaning that each row of tiles is only fully weather proofed once the 2 rows above have been fitted.

This can provide challenges when installing solar panels on an existing slate roof. You can of course remove the slates altogether from the panel area and install an ‘in roof’ or ‘integrated’ system, then slate back in around it to form the weather proofing. However, ‘integrated’ systems are not suitable for every roof. They are inflexible in regards to the positioning of panels and some of the higher capacity panels are not always compatible with ‘in roof’ mounting frames meaning a smaller capacity system overall.

Solar PV panels slate roof fixings - Tethys Energy

At Tethys Energy, we are experts at installing solar panels on slate roofs using the standard ‘on roof’ mounting systems. Panel layouts can be flexible to maximise the space available and higher capacity panels can be used. The results are fully watertight systems with higher capacity output that still maintain a nice aesthetic due to the all black panels and all black mesh that we supply.

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