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45 Panel Solar PV with 20kWh Battery Storage Install

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Drone image of Tethys Energy solar panel PV Install on multiple aspect roofs
Large Domestic Tethys Energy Solar PV panel install

This large domestic property near Henley had multiple options for placement of the solar PV panels.

Tethys Energy Large Solar PV panel install showing mounting rail on 2 roofs

Roof Layout for Solar Panels

The 1980s built house, benefits from a sizeable gable roof, which allowed us to avoid dormer windows and chimneys. This meant that panels could be installed on south, east and west facing roofs allowing for a larger PV array.

The 45 panel PV system was made up of 395W panels connected to a 10kW SolarEdge inverter and two SolarEdge storage batteries of 10kW capacity each.

When installing a system that can potentially provide more energy than the inverter can convert, it is called oversizing. As the inverter and battery system is SolarEdge, it was able to be be oversized by up to 200% to allow for all year round efficiency.

Oversizing means that we have the capacity to produce more DC power in a system than the inverter can effectively turn into AC energy. This enables the solar system to reach the maximum amount that the inverter can convert into AC energy for more hours – not just at peak times.

Tethys Energy Solar PV on roof install
395kW JA Solar Panels on two different aspects

Because solar PV panels don’t always produce their maximum stated output levels (e.g. early or late in the day, winter months and on cloudy days) this enables more DC capacity (from panels) than AC (converted energy from inverter).

The chart below, taken from the SolarEdge monitoring software, shows the systems performance over a three day period in June (UK) where the weather has been changeable. This shows the production is 222.74kWh, consumption is 155.10kWh with only 1.33kWh consumed from the grid. This has resulted in a yield of 12.53kWh/kWp in this three day period.

Lower Shiplake Hetherington SolarEdge Performance 2 - Tethys Energy

The SolarEdge Home Battery performs fewer energy conversions than AC batteries, which means more energy is retained. The solar PV system can generate power during the day, which can be stored in the battery. The battery can then be used to provide power for the premises throughout the evening through until sunrise. During the summer months, the battery will be fully charged more regularly due to brighter, longer days. This significantly reduces the amount of purchased electricity from the energy supplier throughout the year.

If you have a large property with multiple roofs, get in touch to find out how solar panels could perform with a no obligation pre-survey quote.

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