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Top 20 Greenest UK Cities (2018)

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Why the UK Needs to Invest more into Solar Panels

It’s no secret that conventional energy isn’t renewable & that it will run out eventually. The continuous release of greenhouse gases will continue to negatively affect the environment and we’ll find ourselves in a worse position than we are currently.

Solar power growth increased by 50% worldwide thanks to the US and China. Costa Rica ran on 100% renewable energy for 300 days in 2017.

It’s time we pitched in more.

The sun rises every single day and in a single hour, the amount of energy that reaches earth from the sun is more than the entire world consumes in a year. So how much are we utalising currently?

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Feed In Tariffs: UK City Statistics

The statistics were gathered through the number of cumulative installations confirmed on the Central Feed-in Tariff Register for the first quarter of 2018.


Feed In Tariffs: UK City Statistics & Estimated Number of Households

Along side the number of installations the government also revealed an estimation on the number of houses within that city.

Local Authority Name Estimated Number of Households Domestic Total
Birmingham 439,997 6,093 6954
Bradford 208,961 3,753 3,887
Bristol, City of 196,733 3,853 4,015
Cardiff 154,532 3,175 3,245
City of London 5,169 19 25
Coventry 146,199 2,266 2,461
Derby 107,632 4,067 4,129
Ediburgh, City of 241,359 1,779 1,839
Glasgow City 298,393 2,454 2,657
Kingston upon Hull, City of 115,820 2,461 2,583
Leeds 336,622 7,107 7,271
Leicester 133,290 4,281 4,371
Liverpool 220,168 3,125 3,217
Manchester 225,843 6,401 6,492
Newport 63,444 2,043 2,089
Nottingham 133,801 8,832 5,955
Preston 58,940 1,337 1,426
Sheffield 243,802 5,131 5,282
Stoke-on-trent 110,370 3,190 3,246
Sunderland 123,829 8,590 8,657

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Sunderland truly lead the green path with 8,657 installations. What’s even more impressive is their estimated number of households stand at 123,829.

Astonishing in comparison to Leeds who’s estimated number of households is 336,622 and resulted in 7271 installations. Sunderland have less than half their number of households and 1,286 more installations.

Annual Cost of Small Scale Solar PV

In 2017 the cost per kW installed had slightly decreased over the last 12 months. The mean cost per kW started at £1,977 in April 2016 and showed a general steady decrease to £1,885 in March 2017.

Over the course of the financial year 2017/18, the average cost per kW for 0-4kW installations was similar with a mean cost of £1,840 per kW installed.

In 2017/18 the mean cost for 0-4kW installations was 1.4% lower than in 2016/17. The mean cost for 2017/18 is around 11.5% lower than in 2013/14 and 2014/15.

The cost of installing solar is at an all time low.

Although the number of installations is impressive in some cities, there needs to a stronger movement towards solar. If all cities were to move at the speed of Sunderland we’d be on our way to a more efficient and sustainable world.

The Best Performing Region

The North came out on top with the greenest city being Sunderland. However, when looking at regional statistics, The South outperforms The North with the number of installations. South West have done particularly well with 115,922 installations. Their estimated number of house holds at 2,424,092 which means  4.5% number of households have had solar installations this year.

The East Midlands had 83,739 installations this quarter and with an estimated number of households standing at 2,019,161; that’s 4% of households that have installed solar panels this year.

Sunderland have started the year off well for Northerners but The South appear to be currently working on their carbon footprint more. There’s plenty of room for The North to take over, especially if they follow Sunderland’s steps.

All data has been taken from government data. The cities selected were chosen based on population size and they were then correlated with the number of solar panel installations.


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