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Can the UK Become Carbon-Free by 2050?

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We’ve been discussing it for years, can we become completely non-reliant on fossil fuels as a country? With recent government goals set in place and positive movements to cutting down dramatically on our use of fossil fuel made energy – it looks achievable. Although we install solar PV panels – Reading, we help provide homeowners with the opportunity to contribute …

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Solar Iboost+ provide a perfect compliment to a solar PV system

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A less expensive alternative to battery storage is hot water storage. Your solar PV system can be used to heat your immersion cylinder through a power diverter device such as the Solar Iboost+, allowing even further savings on your energy bills. We are currently installing one of these devices a week for existing solar PV system owners.

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Top 20 Greenest UK Cities (2018)

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Why the UK Needs to Invest more into Solar Panels It’s no secret that conventional energy isn’t renewable & that it will run out eventually. The continuous release of greenhouse gases will continue to negatively affect the environment and we’ll find ourselves in a worse position than we are currently. Solar power growth increased by 50% worldwide thanks to the …

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Why you Should Go Green & Invest in Solar Energy

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The sun is an extremely powerful energy source that can be captured with solar panels. Conventional sources of energy are expensive and running low. This means it’s time to take a sustainable approach to our energy consumption. Solar panels are an investment that reaps numerous benefits, many of which we will cover throughout. What are conventional and non-conventional sources of …

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3.9kWP installation in Reading

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We designed and installed a 3.9kWp SolarEdge based system in Reading. This ‘intelligent inverter’ system allows better performance whilst improving safety and allowing detailed monitoring down to each individual PV module.

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Installation services in Banbury

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We provided installation services to Energy My Way Oxford for a domestic 4kWp installation in Banbury, Oxfordshire. The system uses the in roof GSE mounting frame which allows the PV modules to sit flush with the roof tiles.