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Installation services

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This week we have been providing installation services to Energy My Way Oxford including this installation of a 9 module array on the ‘GSE in roof’ mounting system.

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PV cleaning

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A domestic property in Haddenham, Oxfordshire had some rather dirty looking PV modules. That was until Tethys Energy came along and gave them a thorough clean with our waterfed brush and pole system which uses de-ionised and de-mineralised water to ensure no streaks or stains.

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Redmoor Academy export limiter installation

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We installed a Sibert Solar export limitation device at Redmoor Academy so that the solar PV arrays do not export more than 49kW of power to the grid. Monitoring and control is achieved through CT clamps and a solarlog device which communicates with the Solax inverters.

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Solar farm rewire

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We provided site management services to Encome for the dc electrical rewire of a 5MW site near Plymouth in Devon. The rewire took 4 weeks with 13 electricians and site operatives all co-ordinated on a day to day basis by Tethys Energy to deliver the project on time for the client. In all over 100km of dc cable was replaced.  

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PV panel removal

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Tethys Energy removed 16 x Solar PV panels for our client near Swindon so that they could replace the felt. After the roof was finished the PV panels were replaced and recomissioned.