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Another landscape format array

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4.28 kWp array in Wokingham using an SMA inverter. The system is uploading live monitoring data to the Sunny Portal allowing the client to view the systems’ performance from a pc, laptop or smartphone.

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Domestic PV array South Oxfordshire

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We are currently installing a domestic PV system with JA Solar 300W Percium modules and Solar Edge optimisers. The image shows how the roof anchors are secured to the rafters with stainless steel roof screws and the Hook Stop mat is used to replace the tile that would sit immediately beneath the roof anchor. The panels are clamped to the …

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Solar PV and home battery storage

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We installed 15 x JA Solar PV modules on a property near Reading using Solar Edge optimisers and inverter. In addition a 5kW BYD battery storage system was fitted so that the solar energy produced during the day can be used in the evening to power the house.