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Why you Should Go Green & Invest in Solar Energy

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The sun is an extremely powerful energy source that can be captured with solar panels. Conventional sources of energy are expensive and running low. This means it’s time to take a sustainable approach to our energy consumption. Solar panels are an investment that reaps numerous benefits, many of which we will cover throughout.

What are conventional and non-conventional sources of energy?


Conventional energy is an energy source that is fixed in nature such as oil, gas and coal. It is sometimes referred to as non-renewable energy as consumption leads to rising greenhouse gas emissions and various other environmental damages.

The impact of pollution to the environment is extensive due to its wide spread use. This isn’t surprising considering the name ‘conventional’.

As these resources aren’t renewable, they will run out eventually. The continued release of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere will continue to affect the environment negatively.


Non-conventional energy is often referred to as renewable energy. This is energy that comes from resources that are naturally replenished such as wind, sunlight, tides, geothermal heat and waves.

Ultimately they are inexhaustible sources of energy that are naturally provided by Mother Nature every day. Unlike conventional energy, non-conventional sources of energy are abundant as they can be renewed and give off no harmful emissions.

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9 Undeniable Reasons to get Solar Panels

1. They’re Environmentally Friendly

The use of conventional sources of energy such as oil, gas and coal pollute the environment. Solar energy produces no harmful emissions into the environment. It is a renewable source of energy that is clean and sustainable.

Even if we use the suns light to produce energy, it will still rise every single day after that and produce more. That’s what’s great about renewable energy –it’s inexhaustible. We don’t need to pump, extract or refine anything.

In fact, in a single hour, the amount of energy that reaches earth from the sun is more than the entire world consumes in a year.

2. Your Electricity Bills will Decrease

Installing solar panels on your roof allows you to generate your own electricity and pay less to your utility. Your solar panels will translate the suns light into usable electricity for free, everyday. A much faster process when compared to the creation of fossil fuels.

Once you’ve installed a solar system, the cost of your electricity will depend on a few factors. These are things such as how much electricity your solar panels generate, how much electricity you’re using and how much your utility rate is.

On average a regular solar PV installation in UK homes will provide up 40% of a typical household’s electricity consumption.

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3. They’ll Increase your Property Value

Making your home energy efficient saves you money but also adds value to your home. Sources estimate that an eco-friendly house can fetch up to 6% more than a standard one.

A survey of 2,000 homeowners conducted by E.On revealed that 4 in 10 homeowners want solar panels and battery solutions by 2020.

4. You can Earn Money Through Generating your own Electricity

The feed-in tariff is a government scheme that pays you to generate your own electricity from a renewable source such as solar panels. This means you get an income on top of the savings.

Feed in Tariff providers pay you for the electricity you generate, irrespective of if you use it all in the home or export some of it to the grid.

A solar panel system on a domestic property can typically earn around £500 a year through tariffs and savings. This would give you a total income of £2,500 by year 5, £5,000 by year 10 and so on.

5. You will be Protected Against Rising Energy Costs

In the UK, electricity bills have doubled in the last 10 years and with no signs of this changing, the savings you make would increase considerably as bills from ‘conventional’ sources of generation continue to rise.

Millions of energy customers have seen huge price rises for their electricity in 2017. The most recent hike in energy costs has seen electricity bills increased by as much as 15% in some cases. Solar allows you to become less dependent on the national grid and the rising prices that come with having this dependence.

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6. They’re Sustainable

Conventional sources of energy are costly because there is a limited amount of them. Fossil fuels can take hundreds to millions of years to develop. The level of energy consumption is higher than the speed at which nature can create fossil fuels.

Conventional sources of energy just aren’t sustainable and we will at some point have to move over to non conventional sources as a mass.

The move towards this direction has been increasing over the years with the UK leading Europe for solar growth. However, solar power growth increased by 50% worldwide thanks to the US and China.

Solar panels make use of the most sustainable resource on earth – the light of the sun. It can’t get much more sustainable that that.

7. You’ll Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Our homes aren’t the only place where we’re adding to our carbon footprint, but it is a good place to start reducing it. The UK has taken on the challenge of reducing their carbon footprint.

The UK set a new landmark for clean energy after the National Grid announced that the electricity powering the UK’s homes and businesses the summer of 2017 was the greenest ever.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) also suggests solar energy could be the world’s largest source of electricity by 2050.

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8. You’ll Attain an Ethical Image

The term ‘ethical’ is a combination of many factors, sustainability being one of them.

Many people want to take steps to becoming ethical; using renewable energy can do just this.

9. They’re Low Maintenance

Most solar power systems do not require much maintenance. They should be cleaned once every few years depending on environmental factors.

This is done so that the solar panels continue to operate at their maximum efficiency which prolongs the lifespan of the system and maximises the return on your investment.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the benefits that come with installing solar panels in your home- please give us a call on 0118 3341 374 or email jason@tethys-energy.com

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