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Can the UK Become Carbon-Free by 2050?

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We’ve been discussing it for years, can we become completely non-reliant on fossil fuels as a country? With recent government goals set in place and positive movements to cutting down dramatically on our use of fossil fuel made energy – it looks achievable.

Although we install solar PV panels – Reading, we help provide homeowners with the opportunity to contribute to becoming carbon-free.

It’s definitely not impossible, many decisions lie with the government but we appear to be moving in the right direction. Britain was powered for more than a thousand hours without coal this year, in a new milestone underscoring how the polluting fuel’s decline is accelerating.

Over the rest of the year, Britain’s renewable sector has provided impressive amounts of electricity. Solar has played a massive part in this and although we supply solar PV panels – Reading, this makes us proud to be a part of such a great movement.

The UK has been graced with great sunny conditions this summer, which has helped figures reach solar records. The most recent was a new high for solar output over a month, with 1.94 terawatt hours of energy generated between 10 June and 9 July, beating the previous record of 1.77TWh.

What are the Effects of a Carbon-Free UK?

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Renewable energy requires no fuel and with the focus on clean energy, money will be saved. This would also lead to a reduction in health care costs.  Air pollution is an indirect cost to society as it causes asthma, heart disease and lung disease.

However, it is not only air pollution that would improve our health. Wind and solar PV panels require essentially no water to function; this means there would be a reduction on water use and pollution. This makes the resource more readily available for drinking water, as well as economic sectors such as agriculture.

Many of the customers that we install solar PV panels for will be unaware of the positive impact their having on reducing air pollution. As a proud company that installs solar PV panels – Reading, we like to let our customers know how they’re contributing towards a greener future.

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Wind and solar farms need a lot of land to accommodate the goal of being carbon-free by 2050.

Agricultural land accounts for almost 75% of the UK’s land cover currently. The good news is, the land that is currently being occupied by farming animals can also be used for wind and solar farms.

It has already been done, but we would need to do it on a larger scale. A Bodmin Moor Hill farmer who uses his land for both farming animals and solar said “My sheep prefer being under or around the panels than being in the open fields. The grass grows better, they also have lovely shelter and they lamb underneath them”.

Collaborative agriculture and energy farms can help the UK meet both food and energy needs at the same time.

How can we Achieve a Carbon-Free UK?


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