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understanding the Solar Energy Opportunities For Your Home

If your home has been using a solar PV array for its power needs for a long period of time now, you may be wondering if it is running as efficiently as it could be? Is there new technology or upgrades that could be beneficial to my installation?

As solar energy systems age, they may not work at their optimum levels anymore, so getting a solar power audit completed on your property can provide clear reporting on the efficiency of your system.

A good solar power audit can often help you save money. You may have been considering purchasing a new system, when in fact there is new technology at a fraction of the price that could be used to enhance your existing system further.

Are You Aware Of Upgrades & New Solar Technologies?

If your solar PV array was installed several years ago, you may not be aware of the new technologies that have become available during that time, such as new Solar Battery Storage solutions, PV Hot Water systems and new advances in monitoring via apps and web-pages too.

Engineers Carrying Out A Solar Energy Audit

Benefits Of Solar Power Audits

Some of the information found during solar panel audits includes:
Identify any issues and fix them before they get worse.
Understand your upgrade options and new technologies available.
Ensures you’re getting the maximum potential out of your system.
Covers your safety obligations for your 10-year inspections.
Providing Expert Solar Power Audits Throughout Berkshire & Surrounding Areas.

Best Practice Safety Recommendations

It is highly recommended that your solar energy system is checked every 10 years to ensure it still meets all safety standards. Our solar power audits include a full safety inspection and audit report for your records.

A good solar PV system installation is designed to work for decades, but over the years and due to environmental conditions, things can go awry. Inverters may fail, panels get dirty and pests may be causing problems too.

Essentially, a solar power audit is like an MOT for your PV system and it helps to identify any issues and put them right as and when it is needed. If your solar PV system needs any maintenance and repairs, then we can help with that too.

How Can A Solar Power Audit Benefit You & Your Property? Find Out Now.

What Is Included In A Solar Power Audit?

Our comprehensive solar power audits include a detailed report that covers these key areas:

Conduct a thorough test of all your solar energy systems components.
Comparison of the generator’s output to the original proposal with a clear indicator of the performance level.
Test and ensure all PV wiring and components have been installed to BS7671 Regulations and MCS Standards.
Identify any problems with battery storage or PV hot water systems.
Check that your monitoring is accurate and calibrated correctly.
A detailed report that includes all test results, checklist, findings and recommendations.

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