20K Battery Storage - Installed by Tethys Energy. Self Consumption with Battery Storage

What is Self Consumption?

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20K Battery Storage - Installed by Tethys Energy. Self Consumption with Battery Storage
Large Domestic Tethys Energy PV Install

What is Self Consumption?

Self Consumption is using the solar electricity that has been generated within your property. If you have solar panels, you can either use the solar electricity that they are generating as it is generated (so it goes straight to your appliances), or store the solar power generated in your solar battery and use this as and when required.

Increasing Self Consumption by adding Battery Storage

Adding a battery to your existing PV system set up, might allow you to consume more of the power your solar panels are generating. With this type of set up, your solar panels can generate electricity during the day, which can be stored to use in the evenings (which are commonly higher usage times for appliances, lighting and consumption if more people are in the house using various gadgets, TVs, cooking appliances etc).

To export or not to export?

In the UK, If you are connected to the main electricity grid, you are able to sell the electricity that you have generated with your PV, back to the grid via the Smart Export Guarantee. Check with your energy supplier to find out which tariff they can offer you for the best rates. For some customers, selling electricity back to the grid at certain times of day is more financially rewarding than using that electricity themselves.

Some factors to think about with Self Consumption and Battery Storage:

What power are you generating with your PV? How much of that do you use? Do you want to store and use the excess or try and sell this back to the grid?

If you are on a fixed tariff that does not give you options to sell back to the grid, or if you are on the existing Feed in Tariff scheme, a battery could work for your needs.

Have your energy needs changed? Do you have a higher energy usage than last year? e.g. Do you need to run a heat pump, swimming pool pump or are you thinking of adding an EV charging point?

If you are thinking about adding battery storage to an existing solar PV system, you can start by looking at your most recent electric bill and electric meter to note down your properties energy usage in kilowatt hours (kWh), your tariff (p/kWh) and the size (in kWp) of your system. We work in and around Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Hampshire. If we cover your area, get in touch and we can start planning your a no obligation quote.

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