Solar panels work by soaking up the light, once the panels gather dust, moss and droppings that fall onto them it can have an impact on their performance.

You want your solar PV system to be achieving it’s full potential and for this to happen the panels need to be clean. Getting your panels cleaned will help the overall maintenance of your investment.

Tethys Energy can offer Solar PV panel cleaning using our water fed pole system. We can access most properties from the ground level without the need of scaffolding or other access system.

Where panels have been gathering grime for several years, a noticeable increase in performance can be seen from having shiny, clean panels that look as good as the day you had them installed.

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Pest Control

Pigeons, squirrels and rats can get under Solar PV systems and disrupt system performance by buildings nests or damaging cables. The solar panels act as a sheltered roof that’s often warm, the perfect habitat for wildlife.

It is important to do something about this as soon as it’s noticed in order to reduce losses and minimise the chance of real damage. Even better, you can get them installed before the problem arises and therefore avoid it completely.

Tethys Energy offers a range of solutions to this problem such as installing meshes and anti pigeon spikes. We can also repair any damage that had been caused.

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System Servicing

If you think that your Solar PV system is not operating correctly or your annual performance wasn’t what you expected, we can help identify what may be causing it.

Our qualified electrical engineers can analyse performance, detect any issues and rectify any problems. We’ll get your system back up and running to its maximum capacity.

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