Solar PV project management site supervision service


Investing in installing solar panels onto your business premises not only reduces your energy bill but also contributes towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly brand identity.

Take control of your energy by using a renewable, clean & sustainable solution.

The services we can provide for commercial clients include:


System Design

Our qualified engineers will be able to size a solar PV system that is right for you. Using the latest software, we can ensure that the installed system will be the most cost effective solution possible.

We will ensure that the system is placed in the optimum position to ensure maximum yield over it’s lifespan. Azimuth, pitch and shading all have a significant impact on the performance of a solar PV system and we can identify suitable locations whilst avoiding unsuitable ones.

Our mechanical engineers will ensure any system installed is able to withstand the environmental impacts of that geographic location including wind and snow loadings, and that the system does not impact on the existing structural integrity of the building.

Our electrical engineers will design appropriate wiring systems which include circuit distribution and suitable protection systems all in accordance with the Electrical Wiring Regulations (BS7671).


Site Supervision & Installation

Tethys Energy has extensive on site experience in both the commercial and industrial solar PV sectors. Whether the project is to run for a few weeks or a few months, our qualified and experienced site supervisors are able to safely run an installation from site setup through to handover and close down in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Amongst other things, some of their additional responsibilities include management of the installation teams, delivery receipt, deadline commitments and end client satisfaction.

Our installation team is made up of competent and conscientious professional mechanical & electrical engineers and technicians.


PV Module Cleaning

The build up of grime on the PV modules over time will effect performance in the long term. The required frequency of the cleaning is dependent on the local environmental conditions but should be considered at least once every five years.

Using our waterfed pole system we can clean the PV modules with ‘Pure Water’ (de-ionised & de-mineralised). We do not use any chemicals or detergents as they can have a corroding effect on the seals of the PV module.

Visibly dirty PV modules will be brought back to ‘as new’ and a noticeable performance increase will be observed.



It is important to have commercial scale PV systems regularly audited to ensure their continued safe operation of the system and ensure any issues are identified and rectified.

Our qualified engineers can undertake a ‘check-up’ of an existing solar PV system. In addition to checking the solar PV modules, mounting systems will be checked for tightness and any penetrations into the building fabric will be checked for weatherproofing.

Vigorous electrical checks will be carried out to ensure that all the strings are performing as they should be and any issues will be identified for rectification. Clients will be advised of any regulatory updates since the system was installed and an overall performance result can be compared against the original  proposal calculation.


Export Limitation

In some circumstances, the District Network Operators (DNO’s) will want to limit the amount of exported energy that a solar PV system can place onto their network. Historically this had meant installing a smaller solar PV system that had initially been envisaged to meet these requirements.

Export limitation devices allow any size solar PV system to be installed whilst limiting the amount of excess energy that can be exported onto the network.

The device works by monitoring the amount of exported energy. An ‘allowed export’ will be set by the DNO. Once the ‘allowed export’ amount has been reached, the export limitation device sends a signal to the solar inverters to turn down their output until the actual export falls back below the ‘allowed export’ amount. These devices are dynamic and change quickly to compensate for cloud cover and loads being turned on and off throughout the day.

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