A battery installed in your home working alongside a Solar PV system can dramatically reduce your electricity bill.

The energy produced by the Solar PV system during the day can be stored in the battery until it is required later on, meaning that you will not need to purchase as much electricity from your provider to power your home.

In doing this, you’ll save even more money on your energy bills and you’ll be even more environmentally friendly through buying less energy off of the national grid. During the summer months you may find you have days or even weeks when you are meeting all of your electricity demands by the energy generated and stored on site so you will not be purchasing any electricity at all!

 The graph below shows a typical profile of the generation of a domestic PV system and the properties electricity usage over the course of a day. The data collected is from one of Tethys Energy installed systems.

The green  shows the generation of the PV system and the red shows the electricity being purchased from the grid. The blue area is where the PV system is meeting the demand of the property.

Over the course of a sunny day the PV generation is much greater than the usage. In a typical property with only a PV system, this surplus energy is sent out to the electricity grid. However, in a property which also has a battery installed, this surplus energy can be stored for use in the evening when the electricity usage is typically higher.

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