Large PV Array with Battery Storage

Large Solar PV Array with Battery Storage

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This large (11.1kW) Solar PV array – an install which we commissioned in the summer, is made up of 28 x JA Solar black half cell monocrystalline 395W solar modules on Renusol Variosol+ mount rail with a 6kW Solar Edge inverter. The battery storage system consists of a GivEnergy charge controller with two GivEnergy 9.5kWh batteries giving 19.0kWh of storage. This is a class 2 battery storage system where the battery and charge controller are from the same manufacturer.

Solar PV Panels
Large Solar PV array with battery storage – panels set across a hipped roof

The system benefits from Solar Edge optimizers which are able to mitigate the impact of having panels at differing azimuths.

The Solar Edge app, maps and records the systems performance. Since the summer, the app shows that over the last 6 months alone, this solar PV system has generated 4280 kWh.

Solar Edge App - Solar PV
July 2023 – Jan 2024 bar chart of Solar PV system generation recorded on Solar Edge app

Having solar and battery storage can protect you from power cuts and gives you more independence from the grid. This customer has been able to produce 50% power for self consumption since their install in July 2023.

Summary of Solar PV install

PV Panels : 28 x JA Solar 395W solar modules
Renusol Variosole+ Mounting rail
Black Bird Mesh
Inverter: 6kW Solar Edge
Batteries: 2 x GivEnergy 9.5kWh
Battery Controller: GivEnergy 3.0 AC

Even in the winter months, the solar PV array is generating power. In fact, in just the last 30 days this system has produced 234 kWh. Below you can see the energy generated has varied hugely over some of the sunniest days in January this year.

Solar Edge App - Solar PV (Site Energy)
Last 30 days of solar energy produced and charted on the Solar Edge app (24 Dec 23 – 24 Jan 24)

Solar Energy Produced Over 6 months

  • Solar Energy to home: 961.78kwh
  • Solar energy generated: 4045.22kWh
  • Solar Energy to grid: 1969.71kWh
  • Solar Energy to Battery: 1133.73kWh

If you are thinking of adding a large PV and battery system to your property, get in touch to discuss your plans with Tethys Energy.

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